KaiOS devices support various video and audio formats. The files can be viewed as soon as you transfer them to your phone’s internal memory or microSD. Formats that your device can currently read include:

Audio formats:

    'audio/mpeg': 'mp3',

    'audio/mp4': 'm4a',

    'audio/ogg': 'ogg',

    'audio/webm': 'webm',

    'audio/3gpp': '3gp',

    'audio/amr': 'amr',

    'audio/x-wav': 'wav',

    'audio/x-midi': 'mid',

    'audio/acc': 'acc',

Video formats:

    'video/mp4': 'mp4',

    'video/mpeg': 'mpg',

    'video/ogg': 'ogg',

    'video/webm': 'webm',

    'video/3gpp': '3gp',

    'video/3gpp2': '3g2',

Please note that if some formats are not read/displayed properly on your device, you need to ensure it is placed in the right folder. The best practice is to create a “music folder” to store your audio files and “video folder” for the video files respectively. 


Also, the available formats may be different depending on your device’s manufacturer (OEM). If you cannot access any particular format on the list, please contact your OEM directly. Here is a list of our OEMs’ support contact details.