There are various commands that you can ask Google Assistant to perform on a KaiOS device. Please kindly note that Google Assistant is distinct from the smartphone version of the app, and thus may not support some commands common for smartphones.

Firstly, you can ask Google Assistant to open a particular app, like

  • "Open Facebook"
  • "Open WhatsApp"
  • "Open Maps"

You may ask your device to either to call or text someone, like

  • "Send a message"
  • "Call 111-222-3333"

If that's the person(s) in your contacts, you may also call them or send a specific message to them:

  • "Call Alex"
  • "Call Mom"
  • "Text Michelle I'm on my way"
  • "Text Maya "see you in 5""

You may turn on specific device features, like Bluetooth or torch:

  • "Turn on Bluetooth"
  • "Turn off torch" 
  • "Turn up the volume"
  • "Increase volume by 20%"

You can also manage media, e.g. open a YouTube video:

  • "Play the News"
  • "Play the video [X] on YouTube"
  • "Show me dance videos on YouTube" 

If you are studying foreign languages or just curious about what particular words/sentences mean, you can go for:

  • "How do you say "miss you" in Spanish?"
  • "Translate [word] to Italian"
  • "How do you say "nice to meet you" in Japanese?"

It also works nice with Google Maps, like in these examples:

  • "Find restaurants near me"
  • "What is the nearest pharmacy?"

You can also ask some trivia questions as follows:

  • "Who is starring in [X] movie?"
  • "What time is it in Rome?"
  • "What’s the weather today?"
  • "What is 33% of 81?"
  • "India Cricket Standings"