Being able to take pictures with your phone is one of the basic requirements that the modern-day handset use dictates. To enhance the experience of our users who not only like taking their own pictures, but also use the Gallery on their phone to store the pictures they have got from other sources, we are offering a built-in photo editor, which you can use to make your pictures look exactly like you want them to. 

To access the Editor, open the picture you would like to edit in the Gallery, go to Options and choose Edit. In our Editor, you can adjust Exposure, rotate the picture, crop it to match one of the three popular resolutions, apply one of the four filters, or use Auto-Correction that adjusts brightness and contrast automatically. Once done editing, press Save and the new version of the picture will be saved in the Gallery, still preserving the original image.

Taking advantage of the simple photo editing process on the KaiOS devices, you can make your pictures look significantly better only using your phone, without any additional software, which certainly comes in handy for all those who want to take their phone photography game to the next level without spending too much time and efforts editing. 

Meanwhile, you can download photo editor apps in the KaiStore for accessing more photo editing features, such as adding effects. You can explore it in our KaiStore under Utility section.