You can find KaiOS powered devices in several Regions:

  • North America
  • Asia
  • Europe 
  • Africa

For more specific information if your country is included or will join this list, we recommend contacting the device manufacturer you had in mind directly. You can find a list of our device partners here. Please kindly note that we are working with device manufacturers and delivery plans are under their control. 

In addition, you can check all device models currently powered by KaiOS in this article.

We are planning to bring KaiOS powered devices to numerous countries in the future. 


Please kindly note that this list is subject to constant updates. Feel free to follow our Twitter accounts, @KaiOStech to stay up to date and for the latest KaiOS news, and @KaiHelps for any support-related inquiries. You can also find information about our latest announcements on our blog.