KaiOS is based on the Firefox OS open-source project and we are committed to abide by the rules of the applicable open source licenses. 

We have made the source code available via https://github.com/kaiostech. Please kindly note that KaiOS is working with OEMs/ODMs and is not a device manufacturer. Therefore, we cannot publish the parts of the code owned by our valued partners. For more information about these parts of the code, please contact the respective company you had in mind directly.

Feel free to follow our Twitter accounts, @KaiOStech to stay up to date and for the latest KaiOS news, and @KaiHelps for any support related enquiries. Additionally, you can find information about our latest announcements on our blog.

If you are interested in entering a partnership, please contact us via our contact form. Make sure to select “Partnership opportunities” in order to reach our business development champions.