WhatsApp availability:

We are working together with the WhatsApp team to bring it to many regions. We don’t have a confirmed release date for different regions yet but you can follow our Twitter accounts, @KaiOStech for the latest KaiOS news and announcements, and @KaiHelps for any support related enquiries. 

In addition, you can find information about our latest announcements on our blog.

WhatsApp on the JioPhone:

Reliance Jio has recently announced the launch of WhatsApp on the JioPhone.

Please kindly note that KaiOS cannot guarantee or influence launch dates of our partners (like Reliance Jio) because the content of the app store (JioStore) on the JioPhone is determined by Reliance Jio. Therefore, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly for JioStore and app related questions

You can contact Reliance Jio's support and leave your feedback or feature request on their website.